quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2010

PROMOÇAO novidades figuras de açao !!!!!!!!

scarface 70 reais

60 reais hulk hogan

70 reais esqueleto terminator

terminator 65 reais

resident evil 90 reais cada

kiss alive 35 anos raro e limitado box com a banda toda 130 reais !!!

conan 55 reais

freddy 60 reais

leatherface 90 reais

jason 50 reais

jason parte 2 apenas 55 reais


terça-feira, 16 de novembro de 2010

novos dvds musicais disponiveis na caverna leprechesca garanta o seu !!!

lista de dvds disponiveis para venda ou troca
para isso
basta me escrever no email


Dio ‘’we rock’’
Farboy slim, the greatest hits why make vídeos
Van halen, video hits
Morrissey, the jewel in the crow
James brown, the lost tapes
The doors, a celebration
The doors, no one here gets out alive
Prince, sign ‘o’ the times
Yes, 9012 live
Ramones, live argentina 96, tokio 91
Duran duran, arena
Duran duran, the super hits
Elvis presley, retuns 68
Elvis presley, o inicio de uma lenda
The cranberries, beneath the skin , live in paris
Lobao, acustico mtv
Led zeppelin, the song remains the same
Paul maccartney, the space within us
Nickelback, live at home
The police, their greatest hits
Gorilaz, demon days live
Nazareth, greatest
Eric Clapton, unplugged
Bob Dylan, unplugged
The cure, videos
Dire straits, on the night
Rita lee jones, grandes nomes tv globo
Alice cooper, brutally live
Bad religion, the riot
Rolling stones, let’s spend the night together
Heavy metal, louder than life
Uriah heep, live in the usa
Black Sabbath, the last super
Madonna, the immaculate collection
Madonna, the girlie show live down under
Sade, live 94
Jimi Hendrix, 1970 ilha de wight
Tommy o filme
Tears for fears, tears roll down greatest hits 82-92
Tears for fears, Californian nights
a-ha, headlines and deadlines the hits of a-ha
a-ha, live at vallhall homecoming
the who, the best
the who e especial guests live at royal albert hall
the who the vegas job live in vegas
Nazareth, Camden palace 1985
A,r,m,,s concert (2dvds) (eric Clapton, jimmy page,steve winwood,jeff beck e outros )
That was rock (rolling stones,chuck berry,james brown,ray charles,marvin gaye, outros)
John kay e Steppenwolf, live in Louisville
Rick wakeman, viagem ao centro da terra 1975
Message to love festival da ilha de wight 1970 (the doors, jimi hendrix,jethro tull,the who,donovan, taste, lake e palmer, tiny tim, free, moody blues, e outros)
Pink floyd the wall
Come together a night for john lennon’s
Oasis sibling rivalry
Oasis familiar to millions
Oasis there and then
Oasis live by the sea
Stamping ground 1970 event, (Santana,flock,byrds,pink floyd,e outros)
Motorhead the birthday party 1985
Hall e oates, rock’n soul live , live at Apollo
The progressive rock anthology (rick wakeman, focus,nectar,curved air, e outros)
The black Sabbath story 2 dvds
Sting, bring on the night
Heavy rock (asia,thin lizzy,deep purple,ufo,poison,magnum,lynyrd skynyrd,saxon ufo)
Rolling stones, the stones in the park 1968
Santana,live 79
Yes, live in filadelfia 1979
Alice in chains, fired up
Hinos do rock (free, asia,jack bruce,black Sabbath,wishbone,magnum,focus,saxon,)
Jethro tull, slipstream
Especial 4 in 1 completos (credence, Nazareth, queen, pearl jam)
Coldplay live 2003
Ozzy osbourne, don’t blame me: the tales of ozzy osbourne
Ozzy 0 double 0
Acustico mtv internacional volume 1
Acustico mtv internacional volume 3
Kiss, animalize live uncensored 1984
Kiss, the lost concert 1976
Kiss, forever
Kiss, live in las vegas 1999
Kiss, the second coming
Kiss, sem censura
Kiss the vintage
Kiss videos volume 1 (1974 a 1983)
Kiss videos volume 2 (1983 a 1991)
Kisslogy (1974 a 1977) (3 dvds)
Rock in roll classic 80’s 60 songs
Ozzy osbourne trick or treat
Ozzy osbourne live at budokan
Ozzy osbourne speak of the devil
Ozzy osbourne live and loud (2 dvds)
Ozzy osbourne live at the tower Philadelphia (raro)
Type o negative, the world of type negative 2 dvds
Alice cooper, welcome to my nightmare
Venom, live
Orbituari, live frozen
Testament ,live
The doors, are open
The doors of the 21 st century l.a. woman love
Elton john
Black label society. European invasion doom troopin 2 dvds
Black label society, live
Gothic especial collect (the cure, the mission, e outros )
Misfits, project 1950
Placebo, soulmates never die live in paris 2003
The smiths, complete picture
Sonic youth, corporate ghost the videos 1990-2002
Stevie ray Vaughan
Iron maiden, vision of the beast
Helloween, hellish videos
Iron maiden, rock in rio 2 dvds
Vision divine, live
U2, live in brazil
U2 rattle and hum
The damned ,final damnation
Will smith, music video collection
New model army, live 161203
Naçao zumbi, propaganda
Ira, acustico mtv
Slayer. Rain blood live
Carpenters, gold
Scorpions, acustica
Michael Jackson, ultimate collection
Ramones. Lifestyles of the ramones
Elvis presley. Live
Nirvana. Live sold up
Pearl jam, live 2000 tour
Especial 3 in 1 (stone temple pilots, alice in chains, living colour)
Sex pistols, live at the longhorn
Pink floyd live pompeli
Metallica. S e m 2 dvds
Rolling stones, rock in roll circus
Megadeath. Rude awakening
92 clips anos 80
Clips classicos
Rush, a show of the hands
U2, go home
Iron maiden, death on the road
Roger waters, the wall live in berlin
The last waltz, o ultimo concerto de rock
The rolling stones, bridges to babylon tour 97-98
Pearl jam. Live brasil
Eric Clapton, closroads festival
George benson, live at montremx
Sepultura, chaos dvd
The beatles, concert at budokan 1966
Freddie mercury tribute concert (especial ediçao de 10 anos)
Toy dolls, we’re mad , iddle gossip
The police, synchronicity concert
Arch enemy, live apocalypse
Iggy e the stooges, escaped maniacs
Guns n’ roses, live chicago
The police, live in rio
Elvis presley, aloha from havaii , elvis e assim
Pink floyd, live in koed 29 de abril de 1970
Inside pink floyd 1967 1974
The doors in europe
Elvis ,lives the 25 anniversary concert
Os gigantes da black music (james brow,the supremes,stevie wonder,marvin gaye)
Ray charles, live in brazil 1963 o genio
Alice cooper good to see you again
Alice in chains musikbank
Alice in chains unplugged
Black rebel motocicle club
Saxon, greatest hits live
Gamma ray live in montreal hell year the awesome (2 dvds)
Bon jovi live from london
Black Sabbath, the last super
Fatboy slim in brasil
3 in 1 (ac/dc upper lip live,creed lieve Woodstock , the verve live,the alman brothers live great woods)
3 in 1 (black Sabbath live 1970, metallica live in shit seattle ,metallica live in Woodstock 1999)
Hard ‘n heavy volume 1
Ringo star and his all starr band
Festival express (Janis Joplin, buddy guy,the grateful dead)
O melhor dos anos 60
Tributo a steve Marriott
Aerosmith live in Philadelphia
Simple minds seen the lights live in Verona especial edition
Whitesnake live in the still of the night
The rolling stones shine a light stones Scorsese
Metallica live rock in rio lisboa
Disco inferno (coletania de disco music anos 70)
Michael jackson number ones
Lulu santos live mtv
Double you live
Blues rock (coletania de blues free, jack bruce , thin lizzy,robin trower)
Poison stand on the road
Level 42 live in reading concenrt hall
O poder do rock Woodstock
Soundgarden rock usa
Nine inch nails woodstock 1994
Nine inch nails he cold have been clips tv spots
Nine inch nails have goodbye mountain
Nine inch nails the downward spiral live
Nine inch nails fragile videos
Nine inch nails almost acoustic
Nine inch nails live head down
Nine inch nails ontour with teeth
Nine inch nails broken
(2in1) nine inch nails beside you in time , nirvana live 1992 live at reading
Paul di anno the first singer of the iron
Siouxsie and the banshees nocturne
The stooges live in Detroit
Christian death live 1993
The smiths live in England
The cure live in japan
Motley crue live in Tacoma 1987
Motley clue live in Canada
Depeche mode videos ( 2 dvds)
Woodstock filme ediçao de luxo (2dvds)
(2 in 1) blue mand group , metallica orgulho pasion
Sisters of mercy wake dvd
3in1 public image live 85 , botinada punks 1983 ,joy division
Jimi Hendrix coleçao live , Berkeley ,Stockholm 1969,Atlanta 1970,royal albert 69
3in1 , the damned machine gun etiquette,living colour unstage at world café,black Sabbath blakanb blue 1980
3in1 twisted sister the 2005 reunion , motley clue live san bernadino,wasp videos in the raw , live at London 1984
3in1 Black Sabbath 1989, paul Stanley one live kiss, type negative after dark
Black rebel motocicle club live
Motley clue lewd crued e tattoed
Quiet riot live in the 21st century
King crimson deja vroom
Black Sabbath never say die
2in1 the cure live rome 2008, sisters of mercy videos
Peter Frampton was the king dvd 1975 a 1977
Van halen largo 1982
Silverchair 2003 live from farway stables (2 dvds)
Guns n’ roses live Chicago 1992 (2dvds)
Black Sabbath live in paris 1970
Allman brothers vol 1
Iron maiden flight 666
Creedence clearwater revival
The beatles in Europe 1965
Duran duran at budokan live especial 2003
Duran duran live at wembley arena
Paul mccartney live at the cavern club
Paul maccartney paul is live
Inxs live baby live wembley stadium 1991
Placebo once more with felling videos 1996-2004
Guns n roses live in Melbourne 1988
Joe cocker live at montremx 1987
Peter Frampton live in Detroit
Uriah heep the definitive collection
Karen young in concert 1998
Eric Clapton after midnight live 1988
New wave collection (culture club,iggy pop,bow wow,ultravox buzzcocks)
Ella Fitzgerald live at montremx 1969
Metallica live in san diego 1992
Red hot chili peppers what hits ! ?
Jimi Hendrix live performances e rare interviews
Morrissey hulmerist
Morrissey the malady lingers on
Rolling stones live tv presentation
Nirvana teen spirit the tribute to kurt cobain
Sade lovers live
James brown live at Chastain park
Culture club live at the royal albert hall
Louis Armstrong o tributo
Earth wind e fire live at montremx 1997
The frank Sinatra show
Ac/dc highway to hell the bon scott years
Rhythm love and soul (Barbara mason,blue magic,Freda payne,Thelma Houston)
Marvin gaye let’s get it on
Marvin gaye live in montreux 1980
Sammy hagar e the waboritas cabo habo birthday bash tour
Queen rock montreal
The who live from Toronto 1982
Led zeppelin knebworth live 1979
Led zeppelin live at earl’s court 1975
Devo live 1980
David bowie serious moonlight 1983
The police live don kirshner rock concert
The police in concert live at Tokyo dome
Skid row under the skin